The return of ceramics … and more.

In the early 1960s, many companies opened in the Maranello area, some which still exist, including the first ceramics producers that made the area part of the famous industry.

The territory of Maranello is most famous for the presence of Ferrari, there is also a second industry that found fertile ground in the area in the early 1960s. Ceramic tiles were produced, and this would soon cause the city of Maranello to become one of the symbols of the ceramics district in conjunction with Fiorano and Sassuolo. Ceramica Sima opened in 1961, followed in the same year by Sant’Anna Splendor. In 1962, Saces, Piemme and Cemar opened, and in the 1970s, the companies of Cisa-Cerdisa and Saime joined the ranks. Some of these pioneer ceramics companies are still in business today.

However, for local businesses, the 1960s did not only mean tiles, but enterprise and industrial development on various fronts. In 1961, Pasquale Cassani left Ferrari’s racing department to become a manufacturer of ironing machines, evolving into the Fonderia San Giorgio ten years later. That same year, Nando Ferrari started a business on his own in a warehouse on Via Claudia Est: a workshop, destined later to become a Fiat dealer that is still in business.

At the beginning of the 1960s, Bonfiglio Forghieri had been in business for ten years already. His body shop, open near the church of Santa Maria del Corso, was then transferred and transformed into the current Forghieri Cabine e Vetri, specialising in tempered glass for buildings, shower cubicles, and metal sheet stamping. Forghieri trained another businessman who founded his own company in 1961. This was Umberto Zanasi, who began by opening a small body shop in Via Piave. Connoisseurs will have recognized the founder’s surname and associated it with the name of the factory that is currently responsible for the painting metal and carbon fibre shells made by Ferrari and Maserati.

As for ceramic tiles, new companies continued to emerge well into 1962 when Mario Gorzanelli founded an electrical machines repair company. This would evolve thanks to the production of generators and power generation plants, becoming Margen, SAI Electric and SAI Consulting, companies that still exist. Finally, during the same year, Macchioni Infissi owned by Cavalier Ermanno Macchioni, gained momentum. It was founded with a total of only 56,000 lire of capital: the equivalent of a month’s salary.



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