The Panini, a Pozza family

In 1900, Antonio Panini opened his mechanical workshop in Pozza di Maranello: he was the grandfather of the famous brothers that created the publishing house famous for its sticker books. All of them were from Pozza.

If we read the newspapers of Maranello, the years around the turn of 1900s marked a return to happiness. In 1898, the first Tree Feast (Festa dell’Albero) was held to teach young people the love for nature. The gossip columns reported engagements, weddings, and elopements, but also focused  on the summer festivals of vacationers at their beautiful homes. There were mentions of “beautiful hairstyles”, “proud young men”, “colourful summer clothes” and “red watermelon slices”. The colourful crowd brought fun and novelty, while the first motorcycles roared through the streets scaring the horses.

This was Pozza di Maranello, where the workshop of Antonio Panini opened. If this surname tells you something, you are on the right track. The man is the father of a second Antonio Panini, who in turn is the father of the future inventors of the Panini stickers and founders in Modena of the Panini publishing house.

The family, in fact, was originally from Pozza. Antonio Panini (junior) and his wife Olga Cuoghi had eight children, four girls and four boys, over a period of 10 years, between 1921 and 1931. All were born in Pozza, even though the family moved to Modena in 1932, when the youngest son, Franco Cosimo Panini, was only one year old.

And it was precisely in Modena that the future of the four “sticker brothers” would take shape: the first step was the purchase of the current newsstand in Corso Duomo that was run by Franco Cosimo and Umberto, who very young at the time. From there onwards, the rest is history: a story that has its roots in Pozza di Maranello.



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