The murder of San Venanzio

In 1922, two Socialists were killed in San Venanzio by a group of Fascists, who would escape punishment due to the amnesty proclaimed the following year.

At the beginning of the 1920s, Maranello was still hovering between the past and future. The city had retained its agricultural identity, with only a few other companies: most would be established in the next decade. After the Partito Popolare (People’s Party) won in 1920, the Fascist Party began to take hold there as well. And there were also the first episodes of violence.

On 20 August 1922, a fascist squadron went from Maranello to San Venanzio. Once they arrived at the local osteria (tavern), commando members opened fire before fleeing. But this was not casual; their objectives were clear.

In the ambush, two Socialist sympathisers, the farmhand Adelmo Benevelli and the shoemaker Giovanni Romani were killed. The ambushers were identified and brought to justice. However, the amnesty for fascist crimes obtained by Mussolini in 1923 allowed the perpetrators to go free.



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