The Dino Ferrari Secondary School

In 1963, the “Dino Ferrari” Secondary School opened in the former location of the motorists course: a modern school that would meet the needs of the automotive industry.

Not many years passed after the end of the motorists course until Enzo Ferrari was back on track in the training sector. This time, he wanted to open a secondary school that would be open to every student, but that was one of a kind. On 1 October 1963, a three-year secondary school called Istituto Superiore “Dino Ferrari” opened, dedicated to the memory of Enzo’s deceased son.

For the first two years, the school was located in the same place as the former motorists course, namely the rustic building that now houses the restaurant “Il Cavallino”. The reason why the school emerges as unique is its close relationship with the factory, which endowed a marvellous educational outfitting. Students had access to Ferrari motors and other used motors without wiring.

Ferrari wanted to set up a school capable of responding to modern requirements of the automotive industry, and training his pupils accordingly. When it was founded, it was the only school in Italy specialised in engines and the only technical school in the province of Modena except for the Corni school located in the capital.



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