The “Dino Ferrari” Institute moves to its present location

In 1965 the “Dino Ferrari” Institute moved to its present location and began to take shape as a nationally recognised technical school of excellence.

When the “Dino Ferrari” institute opened its doors in 1963, work began to equip the new school with a more suitable venue. Construction was completed quickly and the new building was opened on 19 December 1965. Carolina Nuvolari was among the VIP guests present at the event, the wife of the famous “Mantovano volante” (Flying Mantuan).

Enzo Ferrari participated actively by funding part of the work with the proceeds of his book, “Le mie gioie terribili” (my terrible joys), released in 1962. Donations to sustain construction also came from famous names such as professional designers Bertone, Pinin Farina and Scaglietti, all close to Ferrari. He had the new building designed with a hexagonal shape, with a central core of offices and classrooms, and equipped with a central air conditioning system: a momentous initiative for the times.

Here, students could count on practical areas such as the engine testing room. The bond with the company continued over the years, so much so that the school, starting in 1967, also became a course location for middle management for Ferrari employees of a certain level. Courses were self-contained, untethered from the curriculum and organised at different times, but this activity demonstrates the continuous exchange between the school and the factory.

The Institute retained its three year course cycle until the 1990s, when two additional years were added to complete the five-year period. Over time, the school would draw many students from all over Italy, thus establishing itself as an advanced technical institution, which set up research teams that worked on special prototypes and participated with these in international competitions.



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