The birth of the Galleria Ferrari (Ferrari Gallery)

The Galleria Ferrari (Ferrari Gallery) opened in 1990 with Director Mario Ledda, a project strongly desired by Enzo Ferrari during the last years of his life.

Enzo Ferrari would have celebrated his 92nd birthday on 18 February 1990. Unfortunately, he had died in the summer of 1988 without seeing his last efforts completed: the Galleria Ferrari, opened exactly 92 years after his birth.

The first idea of a gallery devoted to the Prancing Horse came in 1984. On 21 April, Enzo Ferrari asked permission to look at the Spezzano Castle and the Modena Racetrack to see if the sites were suitable for this purpose. The two places, however, did not fit the bill, and so he naturally decided to build it in Maranello.

At the same time, in fact, Ferrari sent the same request to the Municipality, which initially suggested setting up the Galleria inside the library. The idea was to show the Ferraris through the floor, when walking on the upstairs floor in the library. But the project had to be stopped suddenly when Ferrari’s health began to fail, and after his death, the gallery idea was put aside. But not for long.

The works resumed, and the search for materials as well. In the end, the designated space turned out to be part of the present one. The city administration handled the management, and the designated director was Mario Ledda. The Galleria exhibited cars like the 125 S and the Scaglietti Spider racecar, driver suits and trophies, iconographic materials and memorabilia, relics which had belonged to Ferrari himself and friends close to him. Everything was almost ready for the grand opening.

As tradition would have it, the construction crew was finishing the work at 5:00 in the morning of 18 February 1990 – mounting panels and placing captions. But eventually, everything went smoothly and the ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the beginning of a story that continues to this day, the Museo Ferrari (Ferrari Museum).



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