Struggles for power in the Middle Ages

Between 1200 and 1400 Maranello experienced a lengthy period of political instability and passed under many noble families and municipal institutions’ control.

If Maranello’s experience of the Early Middle Ages was characterised by a chronic lack of information, the Late Middle Ages saw it passed like a football between powerful local or neighbouring lords in a succession of sieges.

The Maranello community had a strong administrative organisation, since 1200. All that changed in 1292, when Riccobono Begarelli seized power: a long phase of political instability has begun. In 1326, troops from Piacenza invaded the town, and the following year Maranello became part of the municipality of Modena. In 1336 the town transferred to the control of Obizzo III d’Este the Marquis of Ferrara. In 1356 power was seized by the “Rosa di Sassuolo” nobles – Sassolo Azzo and Obizzo.

The 15th century began with a new twist. In 1405, power passed to Pio di Carpi, who ruled Maranello for 20 years before the settlement returned to the municipality of Modena’s control. A few years later, in 1432, the Este family again seized control. After nearly two centuries of turmoil, stability was finally just around the corner.



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