Gran Premio del Gusto 2016

Gran Premio del Gusto | October 1st 2017 -Sunday - from 10 AM to 9 PM


Piazza Libertà

– Exhibition of Ferrari cars by Toni Auto
– Exhibition of vintage tractors
– Producers' market – the local farmers and the attending companies will bring the excellence of food in the
streets: traditional balsamic vinegar, wine, Parmigiano Reggiano, pecorino cheese, butter and ricotta,
processed fruits and vegetables, seasonal fruit, stone-ground organic flour and natural leavened bread
cooked in wood oven, preserves and jams (above all sour cherries jam of Modena IGP), fresh stuffed pasta,
Vegan products, handmade beers .
Tasting of all products is part of the experience.
– Stand of theTown Council of Maranello Committee for the Promotion and Enhancement of typical
products of Modena such as the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, "Il Matraccio" (Register of the
tasters of traditional Nocino of Modena) and the traditional Nocino of Modena.
You can attend as well
– the cooking of the must
and in the afternoon
-the grape treading, carried out the traditional way in the so-called „sgualsidora“.
– Stand of typical food products by the Association “I Banchi da Forte dei Marmi”
– Stand by The English Corner Language School: Creative language labs starting at 10:00am
Want to be a Formula 1 racer for a day? You can, with the simulator by Maranel Viaggi (pay attraction)

Via Stradi
Traders’s Stalls and the Market of Past Stuffs and Inventions

Via Nazionale
– Exhibition of vintage and modern tractors (in the stretch of road opposite the Drake Restaurant) along
with a parade from 11:00am
– Stand by Aido. Small plants on sale on the national day of AIDO, coloured balloons as a gift for children
– Stand for the Exchange of all kinds of Stuff by kids (in front of the Auditorium)

Biblioteca Mabic (via Vittorio Veneto 5)
From 10:00pm “Questa mia Terra”, a temporary show of documents and memorabilia of the Ferrari myth
in Maranello.

Piazzale Messineo
Exhibition of old and innovative Tractors
At 12:00pm and 4:00pm – "From wheat to flour" the maize processing
Via Claudia (direction Sassuolo and direction Vignola)
Exhibition of Tractors and soon afterwards:
Outdoor shopping at the "Forte dei Marmi" Stands and local traders’ shops.
Direzionale le Gallerie (via Claudia)
Music & Borlenghi – by CAFFETTERIA BIO 52
Auditorium Enzo Ferrari (via Nazionale 78)
– From 8:30am F1 Grand Prix of Malaysia
– 11:00am Prize giving ceremony of the Eighth Grand Prix Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale (Traditional
Balsamic Vinegar) City of Maranello
– 5:00pm “3 cammini per Roma” projection and story by Anacleto Zanfi


Piazza Libertà

– From 10:00am to 12:00pm “Say #RED!” Free English-language laboratory for children, teenagers (and adults too!) by The English Corner- the lab is centred on the colour RED.

– From 3:30pm to 4:30pm: Grape treading at the stand of the Town Hall of Maranello  – all children are invited to participate to the grape treading  as it was once made in the “sgualsidora”.

Pedestrian area

– merry-go-rounds (pay attraction)

Area Ex Corriere

Bouncy castles  and other free or pay  children’s activities are available.


Radda della Bassa – A cheerful, colorful and easy-going Street Band, which will engage you with its unique sound!

Emiliano Flier – a juggler  and a fire-eater, to surprise the spectators, from the youngest to the eldest!

Leonardo Fanelli – directly from Italia’s Got Talent, an artist who will give you the beauty of giant soap bubbles and the astonishment of micromagic.


Piazza Libertà

– Maranello Carni: borlenghi, gnocco and tigelle

– Stand of the Italian Celiac Association – Modena : borlenghi, crescentine and tigelle – all without gluten!

– Stand Hewo Modena: “Siamo Fritti” – baccalà, vegetables, and all the products “good to fry”.

– Stand Avap Maranello offers roast chestnuts.

Via Claudia (direction Sassuolo)

– Gourmet Stand : grilled Fiorentina steak and sandwiches with sausage by Macelleria Bianchi Marco plus a lot of fun with karaoke!



Theme meetings  about Taste, including an  education to flavours  and relevant tastings.

Piazza Libertà

(Free entry while seats last, booking at

Arranged by Comune di Maranello for the promotion and enhancement of typical local products.


10:00am – 12:00pm “Say RED!”

Discover a “red” world in English: With the English Language School you can test your English-speaking skills in red themed English. The Laboratory is particularly suitable for early-level children, but adults can also take part at any level of knowledge!

From 10:00am to 12:00pm at Piazza Libertà on a continuous working hours basis

The Laboratory is free of charge while seats are available!

4:00pm -5:00pm “RED HAM – Prosciutto Rosso”

A taste Laboratory about the production of the” Ham of Modena DOP” provided by Salumeria Fratelli Guerzoni  of Maranello. Discover all the secrets of producing an Italian food excellence together with the best experts and taste then the appetizing  end result!

The Laboratory is free to attend while places are available!

5:00pm – 6:00pm “RED as Wine, RED as an apple!”

Wine and Cider Laboratory by the Producers of the Consortium Maranello Terra del Mito |

in collaboration with: Azienda Agricola La Duchessa, Azienda Agricola Giberti, Azienda Agricola Casone di Sotto. The laboratory is held by Ivano Biolchini, a sommelier of the AIS Association.

While seats are vacant, entry to the lab is free !

6:00pm – 7:30 “Red Fried”

Taste lab on fried sour cherries: discover a world of salty and sweet flavour nuances, thanks to an incredibly versatile, high quality basic ingredient! | in co-operation with Azienda Cerasicola Morselli

The entry to the lab is free while  seats are available.


Activities joining the Consortium Maranello Terra del Mito:

Piazza Libertà: Altramoda, L’Intimo di Paganelli, Oreficeria Oldani, Macelleria Maranello Carni

Maranello Made in Red Cafè

Via Stradi: Centro Ottico Oldani, Piante e Fiori Rossella, Tante Idee Abbigliamento

Via Claudia (Direction Sassuolo): Abbigliamento Gabry, Macelleria Bianchi Marco, Merceria Luciana

Via Claudia (Direction Vignola): Vanity In Red, SV Impianti, Snowtech

Via Nazionale: Oronero Cafè, The English Corner

Others: Abbigliamento Angeli Ribelli, Casa della Pasta, Abbigliamento Corner 94

Activities non-member of the Consortium Maranello Terra del Mito

Via Claudia (direction Sassuolo): Antico Forno Maranello, La Sanitaria

Via Veneto: Shanti Vegan of Ferrari Simona

Via Claudia (Direction Vignola): Erboristeria Erba Regina, Bio 52 Caffetteria of Gualmini

Local Producers: Azienda Agricola La Duchessa, Acetaia Clara of Scarabelli Clara, Azienda Agricola Ca ‘Nova of Giberti Paola, Caseificio San Silvestro, Agriturismo il Luoghetto, Azienda Biologica Bersana

Contributors: Azienda Agricola Le Querce, Azienda Agricola Belotti, La Bancarella di Bosco Gianluca, Gastronomia Piccinini

Thanks to: Scuderia Ferrari Club Modena Enzo Ferrari, Toni Auto

Ferrari Museum

    • In occasion of the Gran Premio del Gusto, today it is possible to buy the combined ticket: Ferrari museum in Maranello + Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena at the price of €18,00 instead of €26,00


• IAT Office – Via Dino Ferrari 43 (speaks english and other languages)
@ Ferrari Museum Maranello ph. +39 0536/073036
• Public Relations Office  – Piazza Libertà 33
@  Maranello City Hall ph. +39 0536/240000