The following varieties of apples are grown in Maranello:

“Mela Campanina of Modena” belongs to the family of “Rosaceae”, subfamily of “Pomoidee”. Malus kind, domestic species.

The cultivated variety is unique and its production through the years has never changed.

Its fruits are small and weigh approximately 85-95 gr. They have a regular and symmetrical shape, leveled and orbicular at times.

Their skin is thick, not much cerous with a greenish colour turning to straw-coloured. When exposed to the sun fruits have red shades. Their pulp is white-greeninsh, it is very compact and sugary with a slightly acid and aromatic flavour.

It is referred to as “grandmather’s apple” to stress its strong link to the ancient world, but it is also referred to as “modenese” to confirm it belongs to the territory. The word “Campanina” is thought to come from its peculiarity to have two fruits per corymb which resemble a couple of bells. Its main characteristic is the amazing preservability which allows to eat fresh fruit from October, when the harvest starts, to April. No refrigerator is needed.

Its healthy values have been discovered recently: it contains a good level of antioxidants (ascorbic acid, polyphenols and pectin), much higher than in other varieties of apples.

Other varieties of apples typical of the territory are: “Rosa Romana”, “Lavina” and “Durello”.