IPSIA A. Ferrari is located in Maranello, close to Ferrari Factory.

Its location is not a random choice but the foresight vision of Mr. Enzo Ferrari himself.

In the early 40s, Enzo Ferrari, perceived a deficiency of specialized mechanics, within the entire province of Modena. He became conscious of the need to find a “Company School” that would embrace the interests of students to undertake a training as professional mechanics and engineers.

He identified the appropriate location for the Institute in a building, once a farmhouse, sited right in front of Ferrari’s establishment. The School was supplied with its own textbooks and teachers were the engineers employed in Ferrari.

Students who succeed hed in graduating, at the end of the course, were directly employed by the Company. In the early 60s Mr. Enzo Ferrari enlarged the private School giving the numerous young people interested in attending the specialized Program the possibility to join it.

The Headquarter of the Institute was located in a building not far away from the previous one, nearby the Company.

The School was a “unicum” of its genre in whole Italy, specializing its students as professionists in the mechanical field. Enzo Ferrari believed that every Company should train their technicians through a professional Program. He was determined to foster his idea within the Ministry of Education so that his private School could be converted into a public Institute where, everyone interested, could access. Starting as a branch of a Professional Institute in Modena, it turned independent and got its current name IPSIA A. Ferrari in 1965. The name was chosen as a tribute to the memory of Alfredo (Dino) Ferrari, son of the engineer who died at young age, due to muscular dystrophy.

The strong partnership between the Company and the Institute continued over the time, even after the death of its founder. Specific consulting initiatives, material donation, internship opportunities through the years, led to a high improvement of the School Program and its didactic standards. Ferrari generously donated the School an area for “engines rehearsal”, it strongly supported and accomplished, together with other engineering Companies of the territory, the actualization of a mechanic laboratory.



Where: Via Dino Ferrari 2
Info: Tel. +39 0536 941233
Website: ipsiaferrari.mo.it