2007-2017 A Passion for Motors

A land og history, passion and talent.


Transformation and innovation have featured the Ferrari brand since ever, also because of the increasing attention given to hybrid propulsion vehicles, as shown by ‘LaFerrari’, the model car succeeding to the triumphant ‘Enzo’. Manufactured between 2013 and 2016 in only 499 units, it is one of the first models introducing the HY-KERS system, which allows the use of energy produced when braking and curving to provide more power to the engine. Nevertheless, a particular attention to style through innovative and futuristic lines is ensured. A final, exceptional specimen, definitely closing production at 500 units, was auctioned at Daytona Beach (USA) and the proceeds went to the areas of Central Italy disastrously hit by the earthquake on August 24, 2016.

Incredible power

“LaFerrari” also features a special version called FXXX K, part of the FXX program, which is launched in 2005 in order to test the new Ferrari technology that is approved but for race cars on circuits. It is intended for historical and most affectionate, purposely selected customers of the company. It is a car capable of a very high performance, which through hybrid technology can reach an output of nearly 1000 Hp and get a superior performance to any other car produced by the Maranello-based  automaker.

The evolution of the company

In these years critical changes are going to occur within the company: 5% of the company is acquired in 2006 by a financial company in the United Arab Emirates and the transaction allows the Ferrari brand to expand its influence in the Middle East market through a number of initiatives, among which the construction of the first Ferrari theme park opened in Abu Dhabi in 2010. In May 2013, Ferrari is taken over by the Dutch group New Business Netherlands NV, renamed in 2015 Ferrari NV and quoted on both the Wall Street Stock Exchange and Piazza Affari in Milan, thus marking a key moment in the company’s modern history. As part of this financial reorganization, Ferrari is demerged by the Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) group, derived in turn from the merging of Fiat and Chrysler Group. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo resigns as CEO after a 23-year-long office and a successful company running. Sergio Marchionne is appointed new Chairman of the group.

The City of Maranello

In 2009, President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, grants the town of Maranello the title of city, by Decree of December, 16.

It is a confirmation of the attitude that the folks of Maranello has been adopting day after day: nothing but hard and steady work for years to always get the best. The city’s connection with Ferrari is amazing: Enzo Ferrari has chosen this territory and wanted it to be the Home for his engines; the people from Maranello, as far as they are concerned, have devoted their workforce with hundreds of thousands of families involved in Ferrari-related activities, both inside and outside the company.

A Motorsport Friendship

A friendship agreement is made between Maranello and Sakahogi, in 2011: it is a kind of ‘school friendship’, possible thanks to a cultural exchange between the Institute Dino Ferrari and the N.A.C. Institute in the Japanese city. Being a motor city, Maranello can’t but make connections with other cities involved and specialized in four wheels: the city of Sakahogi is not only the place where Nakahanon Automotive College resides, it is part of the Toyota, Subaru, Nissan and Suzuki district, as well.

Balsamic Red

Maranello is not just engines. In the very heart of Italy, there are ancient culinary traditions that can serve up the taste and the pleasure of the genuine cuisine of Emilia. Balsamic Vinegar is real “black gold” among the many farmer-style delicacies of immeasurable cultural importance this territory can offer. In 2012 Maranello inaugurates its own ‘Acetaia Comunale’, a place where to preserve and evolve both taste and tradition in time.

New Sports Management

In 2016 Ferrari celebrates the opening of the New Sports Management, the latest “Formula Man” block. The building is made by Architect Jean Michel Wilmotte and by Engineer Luigi Quaranta. It can be seen from the outside following the tourist road “Paesaggi d’Autore “.

Massa, Alonso, Vettel, Raikkonnen

After the elation of a decade of victories, for Ferrari F1 cars a transition period is coming: to win the World Championship becomes harder and harder, even though big champions are racing in the team. 2007 has a very positive start: Kimi Raikkonnen wins the World Title at his first season at the Scuderia Ferrari. In the following years, however, the Prancing Horse drivers cannot come but close to the Top Standing. In this period Felipe Massa takes turns with Fernando Alonso – three times narrowly reaching the winner’s spot – and again Raikkonnen, who has been teaming up with Sebastian Vettel since 2015. Eve, Margherita and Gina come along with Vettel. Who are they? Just the Ferrari one-seat cars, one for each season, the German champion habitually gives a female name to.

The’ Red Night’

The link between Maranello and Ferrari is so strong that the name of the city spreads around the world together with the imaginary that lingers around the Prancing Horse. To celebrate this unbelievable synergy, the “Red Night” at Maranello has been established since 2012, an extraordinary annual event when Ferrari cars arriving from Italy and abroad swarm the city streets and squares in a night that is unique in happenings, music and motor events.


The story of people who have made the recent history of our communi


A name, a brand, a myth, now indissociable from the city itself.


The events and the steps that take us to present Maranello (and make us think of the city tomorrow).


The signs of history and art that made our territory rich and beautiful.


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