bike station
bike station for citizens, residents and tourists
Maranello (MO)
what are those?
Bicycle parking stations are covered and lockable deposits for bikes, made of light metal structure, equipped with bicycle racks, charging stations for E-Bikes and one station for the ordinary maintenance.
Structures are equipped with:

8 electrical outlets for recharge of the e-bikes;

3 bicycle racks, totalling 18 parking slots;

1 station for ordinary maintenance with 2 electrical outlets
where are those?
BUS TERMINAL BICYCLE PARKING STATION via Alboreto, near the local Public Bus Station ;

FERRARI MUSEUM BICYCLE PARKING STATION via D. Ferrari, inside the Parco dei Piloti (Pilot Park), in front of the Ferrari Museum.
how to access
Bicycle parking stations are electronically locked. You can only open them by using a specific magnetic badge/refid.
to enter it is therefore necessary to request a key from the Maranello town hall, Public Relations Office, Piazza Libertà 33 Maranello.
the magnetic keys are unique and associated with a single user; all magnetic keys will be able to open all the cycle stations in the Maranello area.
You must be 14 years old or more to obtain the badge, otherwise ask your parents to request it. Parents can obtain the badge in behalf of their children by signing the documentation provided during the procedure.
where you cAn ask for the key
Maranello town hall, Public Relations Office,Piazza Libertà 33 Maranello. In order to get your magnetic keys you must provide the following documentation:

- Registration form fully completed;

- Hard copy of a valid identity card

- Resources needed to pay the fee for the purchase of the magnetic key
For all users of the territory, the service is free and only a contribution is required for the purchase of the magnetic key equal to 10 euro flat rate for each magnetic key;

For students up to 25 years of age, the service is free and only a contribution is required for the purchase of the magnetic key equal to 5 euro flat rate for each magnetic key.
Opening hours
Access to the bike stations is allowed every day from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.

WARNING:It is forbidden to leave a bicycle for more than 30 consecutive days in the station without using it.
The methods of access and use of the station are governed by the specific guidelines.
Inside the deposit area is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN:

- to stay over the time necessary for the parking

- to let liquids or junk on the floor (the usage of the trash bin is mandatory)

- to deposit or abandon anything except for the bike

- to deposit motorcycles or other vehicles with a combustion engine

- to smear, soil or damage the structure

- to tamper the electric implant

- to let the door open

- to unplug the occupied charging station

- to remove tools for maintenance