The history of the knowledge and richness of our city, built with work and talent.


The Panini, a Pozza family

In 1900, Antonio Panini opened his mechanical workshop in Pozza di Maranello: he was the grandfather of the famous brothers that created the publishing house famous for its sticker books. All of them were from Pozza. If we read the newspapers of Maranello, the years around the turn of 1900s..leggi tutto


Health issues in Maranello

In 1904, Farmacia Caselli (Caselli Pharmacy) opened, the first pharmacy in Maranello: until then the 3,800 inhabitants only had one pharmaceutical cabinet and four doctors, three of which were veterinarians. Despite the fact that the years around the turn of the century were better than the crisis after the Unification..leggi tutto


Dante Beltrami, the first photographer in Maranello

Dante Beltrami was the town’s first photographer, typographer and organiser of local sports events, but also an important person during the Resistance. One of the businesses that opened in Maranello during the years between the two world wars, in addition to textile companies, was the printing business of Dante Beltrami,..leggi tutto


The textile sector and women at work

In the 1930s new businesses opened in the textile sector, providing good job opportunities for both men and women. In the 1930s in Maranello, people who needed a package delivered could turn to Eminia Grani, called “Il Corriere di San Venanzio” (the courier of San Venanzio). The woman carried goods..leggi tutto


Ferrari opens in Maranello

On 16 December 1942 Enzo Ferrari finalised the purchase of the plot of land in Maranello where he will transfer Auto Avio Costruzioni. During World War II, Enzo Ferrari decided to move his company, Auto Avio Costruzioni, from Modena to Maranello. In fact, the business decentralisation law forced him to..leggi tutto


Ferrari comes to Maranello

In 1943, the Ferrari plant opened officially in Maranello despite the complicated climate of the historical period, with the German occupation and the Resistance. During 1943, Enzo Ferrari settled his business permanently in Maranello. It still bore the name of the first company founded in Modena, Auto Avio Costruzioni, and..leggi tutto


The return of ceramics … and more.

In the early 1960s, many companies opened in the Maranello area, some which still exist, including the first ceramics producers that made the area part of the famous industry. The territory of Maranello is most famous for the presence of Ferrari, there is also a second industry that found fertile..leggi tutto


The agreement between Fiat and Ferrari

In 1969 Ferrari, entered into an agreement with Fiat, selling much of his company’s equity to the Turin-based car manufacturer. If 1963 was the year of the agreement between Enzo Ferrari and Filmer Paradise from Ford fell through, 1969 was the year he made a contract with Fiat. In fact,..leggi tutto

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