Learn and train, the founding moments of tomorrow’s Maranello.


The “Alfredo Ferrari” School for Motorists

During the 1946/1947 school year, Enzo Ferrari founded a three-year motorist course to properly train their workers and the young citizens of Maranello. After the war, people had to roll up their sleeves to get everything back to normal. Even the Ferrari factory had to start anew, and to do..leggi tutto


The “Dino Ferrari” Scholarship

In 1956 the motorists course was replaced by the “Dino Ferrari” scholarship dedicated to the Drake’s son, who died prematurely. The three-year motorists course founded by Enzo Ferrari to train their workers and the youngsters of Maranello who wanted diplomas lasted for ten years. In 1956, the project stopped abruptly...leggi tutto


The Dino Ferrari Secondary School

In 1963, the “Dino Ferrari” Secondary School opened in the former location of the motorists course: a modern school that would meet the needs of the automotive industry. Not many years passed after the end of the motorists course until Enzo Ferrari was back on track in the training sector...leggi tutto


The “Dino Ferrari” Institute moves to its present location

In 1965 the “Dino Ferrari” Institute moved to its present location and began to take shape as a nationally recognised technical school of excellence. When the “Dino Ferrari” institute opened its doors in 1963, work began to equip the new school with a more suitable venue. Construction was completed quickly..leggi tutto


The research on prototypes at the “Dino Ferrari” Institute

In 1998 the Ferrari Institute won the ENEA award, one of many achievements in the field of research on prototypes, which the school represents. In 1998, the “Dino Ferrari” Institute won its first award in the field of research and development of prototypes. It is a fertile sector, where students..leggi tutto


Town twinning with Sakahogi (Japan)

In 2011 the twinning between Maranello and Sakahogi (Japan) was finalized, thanks to a relationship that began in school during an exchange between the Dino Ferrari Institute and N.A.C. Institute in the Japanese city. As a renowned Motor City, Maranello could only twin up with another motor city such as..leggi tutto

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